Chapter 376

Fresno, CA

Club Activities

The term Club activities is different from youth programs and adult programs. Club activities refers to things we do where the primary focus is our enjoyment of the hobby of aviation whereas youth programs and adult programs the focus is sharing our passion for aviation with people not currently involved.

The aviation community in Central San Joaquin Valley is outstanding! We have relationships with several other clubs in the area and we often attend each other’s events. Anyone is welcome to attend any of these events as visitors regardless of whether they are members of other aviation groups or not a member of any. Many people are members of multiple aviation clubs as the membership fee is quite affordable for all of them.

So if you’re interested in attending any of these, you’re welcome to simply show up. If you like, send me an email letting me know you’re planning to come and I will make a point to introduce you around to people and make sure you feel welcome.

Diane Tjerrild

EAA Chapter 376 Vice President

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